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A History of the Russian Legal Profession


This book was published in the year of the 150th anniversary of the Russian legal profession. Thus, the publication was dedicated to a topic, which could be of great interest to lawyers from around the world – “A History of the Russian Legal Profession.” The author of this publication, President of the Moscow City Bar Mr. Genri Reznik, brilliantly explored this topic during a seminar organized by the European Centre for Legal Cooperation in September 2013 in London. Since mere journals articles are not able to convey the breadth of this material, we decided instead to publish this material in full. It will allow lawyers from different countries to better understand the process behind the establishment of the Russian Bar. It should be noted that it is the active participation of the leaders of Bar Associations as well as lawyers themselves that allow us to implement such ambitious projects aimed at the development of international relations in the legal world. Undoubtedly, this publication will allow foreign colleagues to learn a lot of interesting information, with many fascinating historical details provided by the author and translated for the convenience of foreign readers into English, French, Italian, German and Japanese. Read more (pdf)