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Report on the program

“Successful application to the European Court of Human Rights:
from theory to practice"

Strasbourg, 5th October 2017

On September 18-22, the practical training “Successful application to the European Court of Human Rights: from theory to practice", organized by CECJ in cooperation with the Council of Europe, took place on the premises of the Council of Europe. Three delegations of legal professionals from Russia, Italy and Ukraine – a total of 200 participants – underwent an intensive training which lasted 5 working days and focused on the key aspects necessary for working with the ECtHR, including but not limited to: recommendations on drafting applications, correspondence with the Court, and the application of the Convention at the national level.

The success of the event is attributable to the serious preparatory work, the active participation of the Council of Europe, as well as the immense involvement and pro-activity of lawyers in the study process, and their drive to upgrade professionally. During the training, more than 30 lawyers and judges of the ECtHR addressed the lawyers with presentations on various articles of the European Convention, admissibility criteria, as well as examined hypothetical cases in a moot court and monitored their homework assignments of filling-in the application form, and answered numerous questions.

The project "Successful application to the European Court of Human Rights: from theory to practice" is a unique platform for professional development in the field of human rights protection, which

  1. is held in the national languages, with an emphasis on the cases concerning the country where the lawyers came from, that allows us to speak about a qualitative and in-depth study of this topic for all three countries ;
  2. qualifies as continuing legal education at the national level ;
  3. provides the attendees with the international certificate issued by CECJ in cooperation with the Council of Europe ;
  4. includes practical knowledge imparted directly by lawyers and judges of the ECtHR, which is transformed into competent advice to one’s clients, and accordingly boosts the professional demand for the attending lawyers ;
  5. provides you with numerous working materials on paper and electronic media, giving the participants the opportunity to repeat the material if necessary ;
  6. involves the publication of professional and contact data of attending lawyers in the International Directory of Lawyers, allowing you to stay in touch with colleagues from Russia, Italy and Ukraine ;
  7. Additionally, as a bonus to the programme, attendees are given the opportunity to enjoy a sightseeing tour of Strasbourg, and, upon request, of Alsace region and Baden-Baden (Germany), and the opportunity to meet with colleagues from different countries.

Throughout the programme and extracurricular activities, a professional photographer accompanies the events to capture memorisable moments. If I had to describe this project in several words, I would say something like this: "New meetings. New impressions. New motivation. New professional opportunities. "

Today this project is officially one of the main cooperation channels of the Council of Europe with lawyers from Russia and Ukraine, and, as an initiator and organizer of this project, I feel great pride in its success. It is the result of a serious 10-year-long effort, which concerns not only the ECtHR line, but has evolved and expanded to numerous areas of legal cooperation in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, South and North America. At the same time, high level means high responsibility for the quality of the services provided. It is the competent organization of the project, the involvement of true professionals and reliable partners, which make this product so good. I am grateful to the hundreds of people who are involved in this project, who devote their time with great enthusiasm. I am sincerely grateful to every lawyer participating in this project for their striving for professional development, to each lecturer-employee of the ECtHR, and also to external experts for excellent presentations, to the administrative staff of the Council of Europe for their active position on the development of new operation directions, as well as to all translators, interpreters, programmers, designers, lawyers, marketers, numerous leaders of lawyer associations, representatives of hotels, transport companies, printing and marketing companies, guides and many other people who help to make this project so bright, large-scale, interesting, attractive and unforgettable. Thanks to each of you for your professionalism, because your valuable cooperation has given me the opportunity to open new horizons, new perspectives that make life extraordinarily interesting.

Ekaterina Safonova, PhD
Director of CECJ