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The CECJ legal seminars


The CECJ legal seminars provide real opportunities for changing your conception of the international legal cooperation and for enriching your own legal services. You can become a sought-after expert in various areas of law and assist the Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh clients in various transnational issues and business projects abroad.

The CECJ legal seminars can change your conception of the international legal cooperation

At any CECJ event you will be able to dive into the world of new opportunities right away. Whilst thumbing the pages of our print materials you will see the details about your colleagues as well as your own page. You will instantly be able to determine the people who might be of real interest to you. You can approach these people even before the start of our programme and make a private appointment. At the very start of our seminar we shall provide you with the print version of the CECJ Catalogue containing the details about all the speakers and all the participants of the event. Our catalogue has several pages with some empty fields to be used to make notes and write comments. In case you feel more comfortable working with the electronic documents we can provide you with an electronic version of the CECJ Catalogue on a separate USB-stick before the start of the seminar. We make a lot of efforts in preparing our events so that you could effectively use every minute of it.

The presentations given by highly skilled and experienced lawyers dealing with the relevant topics and client requests on a regular basis will provide you with the trustworthy first-hand information and some valuable tips.

During CECJ Legal Speed Networking you are the one who makes first contact with the mostly reliable and reputed foreign lawyers.

Next to our main event we frequently arrange some additional evening cocktails at the premises of the local law firms interested in cooperation with the lawyers from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Such informal meetings often allow «to hobnob» with the partners of small and mid-size law firms. You can independently engage in all sorts of discussions without any disturbance and time limitations and determine any viable opportunities for international cooperation.

The CECJ legal seminars can enrich your own legal services and assist you in becoming a sought-after expert in different areas of law in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

The CECJ seminars are useful for the lawyers who already have certain objectives and client projects in mind as well as for the lawyers who would like to discover for the first time any additional professional opportunities on an international level in different countries.

Our special approach helps all the participants of CECJ events to feel fully engaged in the study & network process given the different level of professional qualification of the participants and the range of services they provide to their clients: big budgets or small, internationally experienced or no international experience at all, speaking and working in Russian-English or Russian-only.

A well-structured volume of information in different legal areas helps the lawyers to avoid «a jumble mess in the head» and see a clear picture of the topic with all the branching. An intelligent approach to digging in a huge amount of data allows to see separately all the crucial small pieces as well as the puzzle in whole:

  1. THE TOPICS: We select only those legal topics which can reflect on the legal practice in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan as well as in the country hosting the CECJ event. We provide assistance in finding answers to various difficult and open-ended questions of the nationals of the former Soviet Union countries in the international context. We also give a general overview of the topic in question in order to help you independently answer the very first questions of the clients searching for specific legal assistance.
  2. THE SPEAKERS: We always try to attract the Russian-speaking lawyers with vast experience in practicing law in the country hosting the event. We perfectly understand that the Russian-speaking audience absorb new information in Russian language more easily. The information being delivered in native (Russian) language is usually conceived two times faster compared to the information delivered in a foreign language followed by consecutive interpretation into Russian.
  3. THE WORKING MATERIALS: At the start of the CECJ seminar all the participants receive our special glossy catalogue containing all the information about the event. The detailed information such as the timetable, the presentations being given, the speakers and all the participating lawyers is always at hand.
  4. CECJ LEGAL SPEED NETWORKING: Our special approach to business networking. We invite the lawyers practicing law in the country where the event is staged. The Russian-speaking lawyers, preferably, and those who don’t speak any Russian. For the purpose of establishing business contacts with all the Russian-speaking participants from the former Soviet Union countries. In case you can speak some English, you are free to communicate with the foreign colleagues without any interpreter. In that case you win extra time given at the table to discuss more issues. In case your knowledge of English is insufficient you will be guided to take a seat at the round table supported by the interpreter. By the end of our seminar each participant collects a lot of contacts of the (foreign) lawyers. Such amount of business contacts and connections can be usually obtained in case you permanently live and work abroad for at least 1-2 years.
  5. THE VENUE: One of the cornerstones of our approach to making business events. Our long-lasting collaboration with the bars (the chambers of lawyers, the law associations) in UK, USA, France, Spain, Italy and other European countries helps us to create an outstanding working climate during our business events. Most of the CECJ events take place at the premises of the magnificent ancient buildings and mansions.
  6. THE PHOTO REPORT: We use the services of a professional photographer during our events. We capture the best moments of your study work and your live communication with the foreign colleagues during the event. Once the CECJ event is finished we provide all the participants with a full set of pictures made during the event via email.
  7. THE CERTIFICATE: Once the CECJ event is finished all the participants receive a special CECJ Certificate confirming a successful completion of the programme.

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