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General information. Goals and objectives. Result

General information about the CECJ seminars

The CECJ seminars cover many countries worldwide. Since 2013 we have arranged various legal seminars in more than 50 cities in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

We were exploring different markets, establishing various business contacts, building our own goodwill despite the unfavourable economic and political environment. Sometimes everything went fast and furious, sometimes - slow and cautiously. Not only we were following the paths already explored but also discovering new paths and creating new projects. It was really hard to do. A famous person said once that «one should choose the most difficult path because there won’t be any competitors». That’s exactly what happened to us. We were arriving in an absolutely unknown foreign country with a plan to arrange an event in that country and we were managing to find the people who were really interested in cooperation with the former Soviet Union countries. We managed to find top venues for our events and the support of the local entities, the bars, the law associations and the law firms. We worked hard every day and nonstop. The new projects that we managed to put into life were gradually adding bonus points to CECJ invaluable experience. We published books and booklets, we made videos and little by little we were upgrading our databases. We invented new formats and helped the participants of our events to spend their time more efficiently. We conducted the surveys, conceived the feedback and the needs of our participants and adjusted our projects accordingly.

The CECJ events in 2016 have already covered more than 50 areas of law. For instance, we have arranged the seminars on the legal support of the fashion industry in Milan (Italy), on legal support of the trade with the countries of South America in Buenos Aires (Argentina), on the human rights in Strasbourg (France), on the commercial law of China in Shanghai (China), on the legal support of the film industry in Los Angeles (USA), on the international sports law in Zurich (Switzerland), on the international arbitration law in Hong Kong (China), Stockholm (Sweden) and London (UK)... We can proudly say that no other company (in any Russian-speaking country or in any other country where we have staged our business events) have covered such a broad geography.

We perfectly understand that we cannot go on repeating our business events in each legal area on a regular basis using the same business contacts, same working materials, same photo and video footage. The lawyers often refer to us on the recommendation of their colleagues who have already experienced various formats of our events. Therefore we are constantly looking for the new approaches and the best solutions in unifying the materials that we already have with something new at our future business events.

Step by step we have decided to switch from the concept of the events devoted to narrow topics and specific areas of expertise to the unified events in a certain country covering a wide range of legal topics potentially interesting to the clients from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

We plan to arrange our new-format events in Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Dubai, Miami, Sydney, Shanghai, Vienna, Buenos Aires and London once per 1-2 years and involve over 50 foreign lawyers practicing in the host country and the same number of lawyers from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

A 5-days business event in a foreign country covering various relevant legal topics with the participation of many practicing lawyers interested in the international cooperation and working with the clients from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan significantly raises the level of general output and interaction providing all the participants with much more opportunities for finding useful information and establishing new business contacts with the foreign lawyers.

CECJ objective and the instruments helping to achieve the highest anticipations

We stage our seminars on various legal topics in different countries worldwide. All our events have some common parameters creating a certain CECJ quality mark. Those lawyers who have participated in our events before often take part in our new events because they already know the meaning of the CECJ quality mark.

Our objective: to create and expand an international platform for the lawyers from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan allowing to cooperate with the foreign lawyers representing the countries with relevant client requests. We have a solid experience in creating, developing and staging various even mostly complicated project events in the context of unfavourable economic and political environment. Today we have the unlimited opportunities for executing diverse projects for the lawyers from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and involve various stakeholders in the process of mutually beneficial international cooperation.

We stage our events in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, USA, UK, China, UAE, etc. We prepare a general list of legal questions which usually tends to become 2-3 times bigger given the legal peculiarities of a certain event.

A general list of legal topics usually includes the following:

  1. The migration law. The processing of a long-term visa. The migration procedures. The acquisition of a permanent residency. The acquisition of a nationality;
  2. The international family law. International marriages, divorces, division of property, protecting the rights of the children;
  3. The system of local taxation. The property taxes for residents and non-residents. The taxpayer registration. Tax returns and the taxation of foreign nationals;
  4. The process of recognition and execution of the Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh courts’ decisions in foreign countries. The topical issues of the exequatur, the enforcement and the execution of the decisions of civil, arbitration and ad-hoc courts of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan;
  5. The civil law and taxation issues in the process of cross-border inheritance of the assets;
  6. The criminal law. The provision of legal assistance to the nationals of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan who have faced criminal charges on the territory of another state.

The additional legal topics may include the following: how to get free higher education abroad (in France, for instance), the legal support of the real estate transactions (in Spain), the legal support of the fashion industry (in Italy), the legal regulation of the cryptomarket and future developments (in Switzerland), etc. There might be 10-15 additional topics added to the general list. It allows to have a broader view of the market of legal services and uncover more opportunities for legal cooperation. The topics and the agenda of our future events can be found in relevant sections on the CECJ website.


CECJs vast experience, solid track record, professional team, neat planning combined with clear understanding of the clients’ needs and using the proper instruments to satisfy their requests allow to create the top and truly unique business events (taking into account the number and the status of the people involved, the selected venues, the time and the efforts spent on long-time planning, preparing and staging the event). An advanced training and career enhancements are always connected with some extra financial costs. We offer to effectively invest your time and money in your own career and future business. All the investments made in our events today will bring you more benefits in future.

You can personally evaluate the quality of our services and the benefits they bring by taking part in our future events. It is highly likely that you would be willing to take part in other CECJ events afterwards! A very friendly environment. Open discussions of various topical issues with the foreign lawyers. Great networking opportunities. Direct interaction. A search for mutually beneficial ways of business cooperation. In addition to that we always take into account the circle of the season and the beauty it brings to the cities and the countries where our events are staged. We provide viable possibilities for obtaining unforgettable experience and invite you to change your steady opinion and your attitude towards many things.

Welcome to CECJ business seminars in 2019!

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