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The CECJ catalogue: Just a study material OR a promotional booklet?


Valuable insights, new working contacts and useful business connections are of major importance to all the participants of our events. What is going to be left after a business event is finished?

Anyone who has ever participated in the CECJ events can confirm the high quality of our pre-materials (in hard copy or electronic form). CECJ makes a lot of efforts in preparation work and it helps the clients to feel more comfortable and truly become the participants of the event, not just passive attendees.

You may ask, what is the difference between the attendee and the participant? And our answer to that would be… the amount of preparation work done by the company arranging the event. Once all the attendees (the speakers, the enrolled participants, the lawyers willing to take part in Speed Networking part only) receive full information about each other they can immediately get in contact with everyone and present themselves and their company, their professional activities and services provided. At that moment, common Attendees become real Participants of the event.

The creation and publication of a special glossy catalogue devoted to a certain event is a huge multi-staged work done by CECJ. We fully understand how important it is for our clients. They find it useful not only on short-term but also on a long-term basis. Such catalogue remains to be useful for years.

Catalogue covers
The process of creation of the catalogue has several stages:
  1. The speakers provide us with the texts of their presentations and some extra materials they prepare particularly for our event.
  2. All the materials in foreign language are being translated into Russian if necessary. They are subsequently corrected and polished by a Russian lawyer.
  3. Further on the team of Russian lawyers carefully review all the texts in order to correct any mistakes and avoid any iterance in the related topics.
  4. Next, we send all the corrected materials to our designer once they are finally approved. The designer creates a professional layout and the final appearance of our booklet devoted to a certain event.
  5. Our communication work with the participants from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan goes along. We ask all the lawyers to fill in the application forms. Once we receive the completed application forms with the photos of the participants we do the checking and resend them to our designer for the final lead out.
  6. Along goes our communication work with the foreign lawyers qualified to work in the country where the event takes place. We search for those lawyers who are particularly interested in the CECJ Speed Networking part. We ask these lawyers to fill in our application forms as well. Once we receive the completed application forms with the photos of the foreign lawyers we do the checking and resend them to our designer for the final lead out.
  7. Once our designer receives all the information needed (it is usually over 100 pages of text in different languages) he starts to process it. In result we receive a user friendly CECJ catalogue (a booklet) in an electronic form.
  8. However, it’s not the final version of our catalogue, rather an “alpha-version”. We send this alpha to the participants in order to double-check all the information about the speakers, the participants and the lawyers participating in CECJ Speed Networking only and receive their final approval.
  9. We process any comments, corrections and timely updates received from the lawyers. Then we resend the finally approved and updated information to our designer.
  10. Once we receive the very final version of the catalogue from our designer we do another check-up before print.
  11. We finally receive a freshly printed glossy catalogue so much appealing to the eyes and filled with a great deal of valuable information.
What is the practical use of the CECJ catalogue?
  • First of all, it is very handy during our seminar. The catalogue helps to absorb new information more easily. All the presentations of the speakers and extra materials are in front of your eyes.
  • You can instantly review the information about all the companies and the participants present. Whilst the speakers have no need to spend extra time on introducing themselves and can go straight to the topics.
  • It is convenient to make notes and write comments in the special fields of the catalogue. All your notes are going to stay in one place and won’t be easy to lose (compared to random A4 pages and small notebooks).
  • The catalogue can be subsequently used by the lawyers during the meetings with their clients interested in various international projects and having certain objectives precisely in the country where CECJ seminar took place. You will always have some valuable information at your disposal that might be of interest to the clients from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
  • It provides all the information in a form of vivid presentations, tables and schemes. Such information is easy to conceive.
  • It is full of the contact information and the photos of all the participants, the speakers and the lawyers vastly experienced in different areas of law with an international dimension. It can be very useful even in years to come.
  • CECJ Legal Speed Networking - our unique and very useful approach in business events management. Each participant sitting at the round table starts to present himself/herself while all the other participants at that table open relevant pages of the catalogue containing all the information about the speaking person. It helps to speed up the process of finding common professional interests and discovering the opportunities for business cooperation.
In result:

The CECJ catalogues are full of valuable information and remain to be useful for a long time. The lawyers keep our catalogues for years. More than that, the catalogues remain to be filled up with your own notes and comments (in special fields). They also contain your personal details and the details about your company and your services provided. In 1-2 years you yourself could possibly come in need to refer to a foreign colleague (or vice versa, your foreign colleague might come in need to refer to you) in case of a sudden request from a (foreign) client in your city and/or in your country.

You invest your time in taking part in our event and you not only receive some valuable knowledge and business connections «here and now» but also advertise yourself and your services abroad, among your foreign colleagues on a long-term basis.

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