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Speed Networking Meetings of American, Russian and Ukrainian attorneys

Dates: 9:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m. 21 and 23 February 2018

Venue: New York City Bar Association (42 W 44th St, New York)

Application are accepted at info@cecj.fr

General information:

This event will allow American legal practitioners to meet with their Russian and Ukrainian colleagues whose clients are interested in cooperation with the US on personal and professional issues, and this in turn requires the assistance of reliable American attorneys with different specialisms.

This is a round-table event, where each table seats a translator-moderator, 7 lawyers from Russia / Ukraine and 7 lawyers from the United States. At a table level, each lawyer makes a brief presentation indicating her/his specialisms that could be useful for foreign clients and specifying areas of professional interest for further work with Russia and / or Ukraine. One table session lasts about 40-50 minutes, and afterwards American participants rotate to the next table in a clockwise direction. As a result of this carefully moderated rotation, each attendee will get acquainted with every potential partner in 4 hours. During individual presentations, every attending attorney will have at hand a printed directory with professional details of all participating legal professionals.


Before the event CECJ collects professional details of attending legal practitioners via questionnaires and prepares an ad hoc directory, which contains information on lawyers, their specialisms and contact details. The directory is printed as a glossy full-color catalog, which is distributed among the participants of the event. In addition, the electronic copy of the directory is disseminated among thousands of Russian and Ukrainian lawyers who are part of the database of the European Center for Legal Cooperation (CECJ). Consequently, it contributes to advertising of the attending US attorneys’ services in the Russian and Ukrainian legal community. The CECJ enjoys a solid business reputation in legal circles of the EU and post-Soviet countries, which know and trust the quality of our services. Our reputation in combination with growing interest of lawyers from these countries towards the US, bestows additional value on the placement of your services within this directory making it a promotion channel for American lawyers outside the United States.

Video of the event:

In order to give you an idea of how CECJ networking events are carried out, we are pleased to show you a video of a similar event in Russia for more than 100 lawyers from 25 countries, who have successfully continued their mutually beneficial cooperation.

Photos from the previous New York event:

In order to give you an idea about our last year's New York-based event on the NYCBA premises (March 2017) which was attended by more than 100 lawyers, we have prepared the following photo report for your attention

Promotion of the US attorneys’ services:

This event facilitates and assists lawyers from the above countries with the following issues:

  1. To create a new network of contacts and to discuss personally prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation. To this end, CECJ provides participants with necessary elements: printed and electronic directory, consecutive interpreting, convenient location, coffee breaks.
  2. To spread professional details of the attending US attorneys through the electronic directory to as many Russian and Ukrainian lawyers as possible thanks to our wide database.
Other locations for similar CECJ events:

This event facilitates and assists lawyers from the above countries with the following issues:

  • Moscow / St. Petersburg, June 2016
  • New York, March 2017
  • Rome, July 2017
  • New York, February 2018
  • London, May 2018
  • Milan, June 2018