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Report: Strasbourg, 5th October 2017

On September 18-22, the practical training “Successful application to the European Court of Human Rights: from theory to practice", organized by CECJ in cooperation with the Council of Europe, took place on the premises of the Council of Europe. Three delegations of legal professionals from Russia, Italy and Ukraine – a total of 200 participants – underwent an intensive training which lasted 5 working days and focused on the key aspects necessary for working with the ECtHR, including but not limited to: recommendations on drafting applications, correspondence with the Court, and the application of the Convention at the national level.

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Report: Roma, 5th July 2017

On July 5 in Rome, we successfully completed another CECJ event for more than 50 Russian and Italian lawyers. In three days of the visit, Russian participants gathered comprehensive information from the leading Italian experts on international family law, migration law, commercial law and real estate issues. Each thematic cluster featured lectures prepared on the basis of the specific questions of the Russian participants sent to the lecturers in advance, and this ensured the practical orientation of the event and the individual approach.

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The National Bar Council of the Italian Republic (Consiglio Nazionale Forense – CNF) acknowledges 15 credit points for the CECJ professional training programme «Successful application to the European Court of Human Rights: from theory to practice».The National Bar Council of the Italian Republic is the structure of the Ministry of Justice. It includes 28 representative regional branches and serves as one of the most authoritative organisations in the field of law.


CECJ received an award from the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation for contribution to continuing legal education of Russian lawyers. Programmes of the European Centre for Legal Cooperation (CECJ) meet the criteria of the Unified methods of continuing legal education for lawyers and trainee lawyers approved by the Council of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation by its decision from November, 30, 2007 and are accredited by the Federal Chamber, thus the CECJ programmes are recognised as continuing legal education courses.


Ekaterina Safonova Director of the CECJ takes part in the Millennium Network event organised by the Clinton Foundation. The event raised public awareness and, in particular, that of a younger generation Director of the CECJ of the Clinton Foundation’s operation. Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State and one of the directors of the Foundation, now candidate for U.S. President, and Chelsea Clinton, personally addressed the assembled guests. Among the participants of the event there were well-known public figures, artists and members of U.S. business élite.